Prenatal Yoga

Tuesday | 9:30 a.m.
@ BlissBlissBliss

Moonbow Mama Prenatal yoga is a practice for mothers-to-be that includes breathing, meditation, movement, and deep relaxation to support the pregnant body and mind during this magical journey. Mamas will connect with their babies and reunite with their inner wisdom while developing graceful strength and courage with a calm focus to prepare for labor, childbirth, and motherhood. The class is taught in an open and safe environment for Mamas to share concerns and wonders they are experiencing. Must be 12 weeks pregnant to begin classes and no prior yoga experience is necessary.


Evening Yoga

Tuesday | 6:00 p.m.
@ BlissBlissBliss

After an active day, transition your body and mind into chill-out mode at Evening Yoga. Class will begin with gentle warm-up stretches that ease the body into movement and counter the effects of negative postural habits we take during the day. We will then move through delightful flowing sequences to recharge the body, without over-stimulating the mind. Gently supported inversions and restorative postures will bring the body into a calm and peaceful place. Mudras, breathing practices and guided meditation will also be explored in each class.

This class combines a balanced mix of fluid movement, soothing twists, forward folds and gentle inversions will leave you ready for a good nights sleep. All levels welcome and no prior yoga experience is necessary.



Third Thursdays
11 a.m.
@ BlissBlissBliss

Moonbow Mama and Baby Yoga offers a fun and gentle approach to re-strengthening the mother’s body after pregnancy and labor, increasing energy levels and providing self-care while socializing with other new Mamas and their babies. The poses target core and pelvic muscles, tone arms and legs, and release tension in shoulders and neck. Breathing and relaxation exercises are also introduced to alleviate stress. The class also provides a peaceful environment for bonding with your baby and learning techniques for baby movement and massage. Mothers with babies that are 6 weeks old to active crawlers are welcome and no prior yoga experience is necessary.


Evening Yoga
in the Garden

Thursday | 7:00 p.m.
@ WV Botanic Garden

9/19/19 - 2/20/20

Connect with nature, rejuvenate energy, and experience relaxation through yoga. The beauty and serenity of the WV Botanic Garden setting provides the perfect environment to stretch, strengthen, center, breathe, and relax. All skill levels are welcome. Bring a yoga mat, and small hand towel.
Class is RAIN OR SHINE. As the weather cools and daylight turns darker in the Autumn and Winter months, class will take place inside the Welcome Center.

$12/class for WVBG members, $15/class for non-members.


Good Morning Vinyasa

Thursday | 9:30 a.m.
@ BlissBlissBliss

Greet the morning and get focused for the day! Good Morning Vinyasa will help to awaken, stretch and enliven the body and mind through a creative flow of sun salutations, standing and balancing postures, back bends, and seated postures. Breathing practices (pranayama) and guided relaxation will be included to further set the tone for a harmonious and energized day. All levels welcome.


Restorative Yoga 

Sunday | 3:30 p.m.
@ BlissBlissBliss

Restorative yoga postures use several props, such as bolsters, pillows and blankets to support the body in restful positions. These poses are held longer than in other yoga classes to enhance the release of tension related to stress, muscular tightness, or any other factors that leave one feeling imbalanced. Benefits include soothing the nervous system, nourishing muscles and organs, and mental clarity. Dates vary - check the event schedule for specific dates.