Essential Rolodex: Black Pepper

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About Black Pepper

When I say SALT, you say… PEPPER!

Did you know Peppercorns are little spicy fruits from the vine of the Piper nigrum plant? And how in the Middle Ages, peppercorn was used as currency in some places and was as valuable as gold? Or that Pharoah Ramses had Peppercorns stuck up his nose as an embalming tactic? Whoa – that makes me want to sneeze! I love all the cool facts I learn when digging deep into the legends and science around plants and essential oils!

Black Pepper is often called the King of Spices, rightly so as it is one of the most widely traded and highly versatile spices in the world. Many of you know of this royal spice, because it sits near and dear to your stove or on your dining table to add a special warmth and flavor to your culinary dishes. Black pepper deserves a leading role in the kitchen, as well as in your bathroom cabinet, because this little bitty fruit really packs a healthy punch! The berries are steam distilled to create the essential oil that lends a warm, comforting, and gently stimulating aroma. The primary chemical constituents of black pepper include Limonene (monoterpene) and Caryophyllene (sesquiterpene), which along with other bioavailable molecular friends, allows black pepper to have multiple roles in supporting one’s digestive, nervous, and immune systems. You may consider this essential oil when you wish to improve circulation, relieve congested airways, promote emotional balance, soothe a crampy stomach, or warm skin tissue to reduce achy muscles and joints.



Black Pepper is considered the Oil of Unmasking. Planned or not, life creates many facades. Some are created throughout childhood as we develop and learn about the world. What type of labels and masks did you create as a child or teenager around what is good, bad, appropriate, or unacceptable? The masking and labeling continues into adulthood and many masks become so ingrained on a habitual or social level that they are easily mistaken as one’s true, authentic self. Sometimes the mask is so comfortable to wear even if it is not suiting you anymore for health, social, or spiritual reasons. Other times, one recognizes the mask (or masks) is unbearable and unmasking is vital to abiding with balance in life.

When you take a smell of a pepper shaker and start to get the itchy, tickly nose – a necessary sneeze is in order to alleviate the situation. In a way, the sneeze removes the suffering. Metaphorically, whether the suffering is in the context of a tickled nose, addictive habit like smoking, excessive food cravings, or repressed feelings and emotions – the sneeze unmasks the real you.


Bless You

Like a good sneeze… you know the kind – AH, AH, AH, (wait for it), AH, AH, CHOOOOOO! - there are a few blissful moments where you delight in the after-effects of sneezing (unmasking).  Black pepper essential oil offers the force behind the sneeze – the fuel to make a change, be consistent, ignite courage and integrity, and unmask the real you so you can live with more bliss, less addictive hiding. The process is not always simple, and often includes a lot of repetitive sneezes, snot, and boxes of tissues. Therefore, combine Black Pepper essential oil with a gentle companion, like Lavender or Ylang Ylang. Together, the blend may offer additional comfort as you take off the masks and get to know the authentic you, revealing the royal goodness that has always been there.


Essential TLC

Black Pepper can be used Aromatically, Internally, and Topically. Possible skin sensitivity, dilute with fractionated coconut oil, lotion, or other carrier oil (ie: avocado, olive, sesame, jojoba). When using topically, always remember LESS IS MORE. Start with 1 drop diluted in about 1 tablespoon of carrier oil or fragrance free lotion.

Please note: doTerra products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Some essential oils may be contraindicated based on your unique needs related to your current health. Heidi is not a doctor, so she encourages you to share your use of essential oils with your primary care provider so you may get the most comprehensive well-care.

Always know, your body knows best! Listen to it, treat it with love, give it natural support, and reap the benefits of living in health and happiness!