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About Bergamot

I am currently all geared up and ready to share about one of my favorite citrus oils – Bergamot. Literally, as I write this, I have my bergamot roller bottle at my side and I just brewed a cup of my favorite afternoon tea, Earl Grey. Add to it, that my desk has little gems of joy that spark my inner smile and boost my spirit (see pic), which is how Bergamot also ignites one’s quality of mood. Bergamot (citrus bergamia) is natively from the Calabria region of Italy, although some research places its origin in Greece. Either way, what Italian or Greek horticulturists will agree on is that Bergamot is a delicate citrus plant and requires special climate and soil to thrive. The rind or peel is cold pressed to create the essential oil, which can be used therapeutically and is also blended with black tea to create the infamous, aromatic Earl Grey tea.

Bergamot boosts brain power & awakens creativity

Bergamot boosts brain power & awakens creativity


Bergamot’s citrusy aroma may offer up a bit of mystery… does it resemble lemon, lime, orange? In my studies of bergamot, some research suggests it is a hybrid of sour orange and lemon, while others consider it a mix of sweet lime and bitter orange. I find the aroma to be unique in its own right, with a delightful hint towards lemon-lime. Beyond Bergamot’s awesome aroma are the plethora of potential health benefits, thanks to its primary chemical constituents: Limonene, Linalyl acetate, and Linalool. These bioactive friends provide cleansing and purifying benefits for body, mind, and mood. Consider using Bergamot to help soothe and rejuvenate the skin, reduce feelings of stress, settle a cranky tummy, and/or relieve occasional coughing.

What’s Art got to do with it?

Bergamot is considered the Oil of Self-Acceptance and when we look at the dilemma of the aroma (is it like lemon, lime, or orange), the concept of acceptance is a seed of wisdom. Bergamot is inspired by other citrus plants, yet it stands alone in its quality of aroma, health benefits, and physical uniqueness – did I mention yet that Bergamot is a lumpy, bumpy, funky little citrus? Don’t judge a citrus by its peel – it’s what’s inside and the essence that matters!

Lumpy, Bumpy, Funky, Beautiful!

Click on image to learn more about bergamot!

Click on image to learn more about bergamot!

Whenever I take notes, I use a lot of shorthand – and going back through my journals, I have to accept that my chicken scratch is not that legible and do my best to make sense of my lumpy, bumpy, funky written jumble. What does this have to do with Bergamot? I’m getting there…. While reviewing my Bergamot notes, I often found “Berg” as my shorthand for the beautiful citrus. One afternoon, while reading about the emotional healing related to bergamot, I was pulled back in time to high school, remembering my art teacher, Mr. Ernie Berg. In high school, I often felt lost in the flow of the traditional education system, which brewed limiting beliefs rich in self-judgement and low mood states. Thankfully, there were electives in high school and I had the opportunity to take classes, such as Stained Glass and Ceramics with Mr. Berg. As a teacher, he never micromanaged our art projects, rather he demonstrated technique, and then “held space” for students to unravel their own creativity through clay, glaze, glass, solder, and band aids (working in glass means cuts on the fingers). While participating in art classes, an energy within me was awakened and redirected my self-judgement towards self-acceptance. Creating art (sometimes clay-fully lumpy, bumpy, and funky) uplifted me and gave me hope that I could successfully be and do something different. Bergamot is like that, too. It’s not an orange or a lime or a lemon – it’s Bergamot! Its delightful aroma can also awaken the voice inside that wants to say, “I am unique and enough, just as I am right here and now. I have the skills and wisdom to meet this moment with creativity, confidence and grace.”

In moments of confusion, darkness, and self-doubt, diffuse Bergamot to draw a new landscape, shape a new thought, craft a new perspective… or better yet, use Bergamot to remember the kindest self-belief - the one that too often can get pressed down, erased, or shaded over by limiting beliefs. Remember that you are and always have been worthy of acceptance and joy.  


Essential TLC

Bergamot can be used Aromatically, Internally, and Topically. Due to high-rate of photosensitivity – make sure to use it where the sun don’t shine (under your clothes, on the soles of your feet). Possible skin sensitivity, dilute with fractionated coconut oil, lotion, or other carrier oil (ie: avocado, olive, sesame, jojoba). When using topically, always remember LESS IS MORE. Start with 1 drop diluted in about 1 tablespoon of carrier oil or fragrance free lotion.


Please note: doTerra products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Some essential oils may be contraindicated based on your unique needs related to your current health. Heidi is not a doctor, so she encourages you to share your use of essential oils with your primary care provider so you may get the most comprehensive well-care.

Always know, your body knows best! Listen to it, treat it with love, give it natural support, and reap the benefits of living in health and happiness!