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About Basil

I don’t know about you, but my summer garden is incomplete without a robust Basil plant – partly for culinary delights and partly for its delightful aroma. When you think of Basil, you may also start to muse (or drool) about yummy pesto meals, Caprese salad, or a Margherita pizza. Yet, Basil (Ocimum basilicum) hosts a wealth of mind/body benefits beyond the garden and kitchen. The herb is from the mint family, and like peppermint and spearmint, Basil uplifts the mood and energizes the mind, as well as repels garden pests. Diffusing the essential oil can improve one’s focus and promote mental clarity, which is great if you’re sitting and writing a blog post and you get a creative block.

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Digging deeper into the “why” of Basil’s awesomeness, Basil essential oil is high in the chemical compound, Linalool, which is a substance known to soothe tension (mental, physical, emotional), lower the stress response, and reduce melancholy. No wonder pesto pasta makes me so happy!

Refill your Cup

Basil is considered the Oil of Renewal and supports our ability to increase our natural energy. When our emotions, mind, or bodies are alerting us with signals of fatigue and burn-out, Basil oil can effectively rejuvenate and renew mind, body, and spirit. More specifically, when we feel drained and lack energy, our adrenal glands could use some love. The adrenals rest over the kidneys and they produce the hormones, Cortisol and Adrenaline. Both hormones are necessary for optimal functioning, however, if you fall trap to the “busyness syndrome” or have a high-stress  lifestyle, the adrenals may be working overtime. When life feels overwhelming, the aromatic use of Basil can induce emotional buoyancy and resiliency to help reduce mental and physical strain or feelings of weakness.

doTerra blends with basil in the bunch

doTerra blends with basil in the bunch

Go-to Solutions

Respiratory Health – Diffuse or add a drop of Basil to your palms and invite the aroma to enhance breathing

Tummy Love – Too much Margherita Pizza? Add 1 - 2 drops of Basil to a veggie cap

Nervous System – Create a 10ml roller bottle with 5 drops Basil, 5 drops Rosemary, and carrier oil. Roll on the base of neck and/or the area of the adrenals/kidneys to stimulate the senses, boost memory retention, and stay energized throughout the mid-day schlump

Muscular System – Blend Basil with lavender to soothe muscles after a work-out or calm menstrual discomforts

Ease the Ears – Dilute 1 drop of Basil with a teaspoon of carrier oil and massage around ears to relieve minor ear pain


Diffuser to the Rescue!

Getting Hungry? Check out these tasty recipes with Basil essential oil in the spotlight:

Essential TLC

Basil can be used Aromatically, Internally, and Topically. Due to possible skin sensitivity, dilute with fractionated coconut oil, lotion, or other carrier oil (ie: avocado, olive, sesame, jojoba). When using topically, always remember LESS IS MORE. Start with 1 drop diluted in about 1 tablespoon of carrier oil or fragrance free lotion. For culinary dishes, add one drop at a time, or lessen the amount by using a toothpick to lightly dip into the oil, and then stir the food with the Basil-infused toothpick.

Please note: doTerra products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Some essential oils may be contraindicated based on your unique needs related to your current health. Heidi is not a doctor, so she encourages you to share your use of essential oils with your primary care provider so you may get the most comprehensive well-care.

Always know, your body knows best! Listen to it, treat it with love, give it natural support, and reap the benefits of living in health and happiness!