The journey to parenthood is filled with excitement, wonder, emotional ups/downs, and sometimes fear. Whether you are planning a natural, medicated, or cesarean birth, you and your birth partner can explore the soulful and sacred realm of the miracle of birth. As your Birth Doula, Heidi will serve as your physical and emotional support, as well as your advocate, so that you and your birth partner can feel safe, empowered and confident through the entire birthing journey.

During the first few weeks postpartum, life is full of all things NEW with a newborn. Along with the joy and love of welcoming your new baby comes the exhaustion and frustrations that can creep in due to lack of sleep, worries about baby care, and finding time for self-care. As your Postpartum Doula, Heidi intends to help you and your family transition into “the fourth trimester” with more ease, so you all can avoid feeling overwhelmed and pulled too thin. Supporting you physically and emotionally is key, so you can experience more rest and joy in the first few weeks home with your new baby.


The care and service to you and your family can manifest in many ways, depending on your needs and priorities. Here are some ways Heidi can help:

  • Spend time with baby (or older sibling) while mother rests or showers

  • Baby's Laundry

  • Meal preparation and/or grocery shopping

  • Light housecleaning and organization (tidying up)

  • Hands-on education for newborn care and mother self-care

  • Emotional support and nurturing for the mother

  • Breathwork and Gentle yoga exercises to ease body/mind

    Currently scheduling Monday - Friday (8am - 4pm); Up to 10 - 12 hours/week with a maximum of 4 hours/day.


First and foremost, Heidi cares about you, your partner, and your baby. As your Doula, Heidi will advocate for your best interests and will do all that she can to increase the likelihood of a normal labor and birth that reflects your birth vision. In order to honor you and your vision, Heidi will:

  • Provide the emotional support you need every breath of the way.

  • Offer physical comfort and/or show your partner how to offer physical comfort measures. This can include a range of support, such as helping you into/out of laboring & birthing postures, touch therapy (back rubs, head massage, etc.), assisted postures, or just holding your hand!

  • Heidi will support your partner, because you are a team! If she notices that your partner could use some TLC or encouragement, she will be offer suggestions and/or stay with mama while partner takes a short break.

  • Seek out any information you need to make laboring and birth decisions that are aligned with your vision. When the path takes a turn, Heidi will ensure you will be able to ask questions and get answers.

  • Heidi will help you find your rhythm in labor and will support your need for relaxation to restore your energy between contractions.

  • Heidi will hold the space where you can let go, connect to your intuitive wisdom, and create the sacred birth that is your right.

  • Your story is YOUR story. Heidi will honor and protect YOUR birth story. All of our experiences together will be kept confidential, unless given the consent to share your story.

References and fees available upon request.