December Do's - Rest Up and Keep Up with the Season!

December Do's - Rest Up and Keep Up with the Season!

Greetings Moonbow Friends!

Here’s what I have been musing about lately….

Well, here we are… the last month of the year. At times, I feel like I just sat down for my New Year’s Day meditation, contemplating what 2018 had in store. Yet when I allow for a longer pause to fully reflect on my year, I recognize just how much has been packed into 2018 – great memories, a few stumbles, several travel adventures, and a deeper sense of personal purpose and service. And lucky me – there are still 19 days left in the year to savor and enjoy!

My goal for the rest of 2018 is to commit myself to really “walk the talk” and “do as I teach”. In my yoga classes, I advocate for More Rest, Less Stress and encourage the art of slowing down. Setting an intention to mindfully slow down will also help as I gear up for end of year holiday festivities with friends and family. I’m all in to keep it the season of JOY, and not the season of frazzled and fatigued. Who else is ready to savor the rest of 2018?

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