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Moonbow (noun)
1.  a rainbow produced by moonlight rather than sunlight; rare and unique
2. considered to have spiritual meanings that inspire increased energy, hope, clairvoyance, and support from spirit guides.

Musing (noun)
1.  a period of reflection or thought
Synonyms – meditation, contemplation, introspection, reverie

Greetings & Welcome to the NEW Moonbow Musing Blog!

Here’s what I have been musing about lately…

Today we welcome a new moon in the sky, and many friends are celebrating Rosh Hashanah to ring in the Jewish New Year. When entering a "New" phase, we are naturally in the flow of transition as we say good-bye to the old and hello to the new. Riding through transitions with steadiness and ease is not always simple, because we are often hard-wired into fearing or resisting change. After all, there is comfort in knowing what to expect. When we look to the rhythm of nature, annual holidays, or to lunar cycles, we can also be comforted in knowing that change is constant. What this teaches me is the importance of patience and trusting that I can sustain the changes of my life, just as I know the moon will shape-shift over 28 days , or if I just wait 5 minutes, the weather will change.  


In what ways are you noticing the current of change personally and around you?

In what ways are you responding to the transition from summer to autumn?

More moon musings... as a young child, I often wondered what happened to the moon during the new moon nights, since it appeared as if no moon was present. Growing older, hopefully wiser - I learned there's nothing to fear - the moon is still there, it's just traveling between the Earth and sun. What is also mesmerizing at the start of a lunar cycle is that when the moon is muted, the stars offer up their radiance (clouds willing). Sometimes in life, I can still get stuck on "where's the moon?" and forget to notice all the stars. The symphony of stars remind me of all the creative inspirations available within every passing moment. So many thoughts, but which one to choose as THE thought, THE star, THE inspiration to put into motion right NOW?

Since new moons are associated with the natural cycle of new beginnings, it's a wonderful time to initiate steps that will help bring your creative inspirations to life!
So go ahead, focus on a star - grab it and GO!

A new season of service is taking shape within Moonbow Yoga & Wellness. Along with my regular weekly classes at BlissBlissBliss, more workshop series and continuing education trainings are on the horizon, the 2019 Moonbow 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is open for registration, and I will be leading my first international yoga retreat in Ireland in the fall of 2019. 

Keep reading below for my musings on Yoga and Essential Oils, as well as my Upcoming Events! May you feel inspired and supported with the Moonbow Musings and may you tap into the amazing uniqueness that is YOU, so you can dance into new adventures with a smile in your step.

With Gratitude & Moonbow Blessings,


Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II) is excellent for surfing the waves of change – steadfast, balanced, calm, and skilled for whatever NEW lies ahead. I appreciate the image from tinareale.com as it is full of wonderful tips to align with balance… not too tight, not too soft – a warrior full of heart.



Looking for a NEW fresh and uplifting scent? Try doTerra's newest oil: Litsea! The aroma has a hint of citrus and reminds me slightly of Lemongrass, while others say it smells similar to Melissa (lemonbalm). Litsea essential oil is from the fruit of the evergreen tree/shrub, Litsea cubeba, and you can use the oil for balance and inspiration, or to boost your energy during physical or creative projects. The other day I added Litsea, Wild Orange, and Ylang Ylang to my diffuser - it was delightfully refreshing and relaxing!  

Want to discover easy and effective ways to care for yourself and family with natural solutions? Schedule a FREE 30 minute Moonbow Wellness Consultation and together, we will pave a solutions path unique for YOU.



Essential Oils Chakra Series (8-class Series)
First Class: Friday, September 14th, 6 - 7:30pm at BlissBlissBliss

Hip Hip Hooray: FREE Yoga Class to Celebrate National Yoga Month
Sunday, September 16th, 12 - 1:15pm
* Stay after Savasana to learn more about my 2019 Ireland Retreat!

Sunset Yoga & Meditation at WV Botanic Garden
Friday, September 21st, 6:30 - 7:45pm

Chakra Balancing Workshop at the Cameron Wellness Center
Saturday, September 22nd, 10:30am - 12pm

Meet & Greet & Play! at BlissBlissBliss
Free Yoga Class & Info Meeting for the 2019 200-Hour YTT Program
Sunday, December 2nd, 12:30 - 2pm

Groundwork - Restorative Yoga Training at BlissBlissBliss
Saturday, December 8th, 9:00am - 5:30pm