Music Feeds the Soul - Eat it Up!

Greetings Moonbow Friends!

Here’s what I have been musing about lately…

Want to know moonbow heidi’s  fave song ? click the pic!

Want to know moonbow heidi’s fave song?
click the pic!

As my husband prepares for a trip to Hampton, Virginia to attend three nights of Phish shows, I have the power of music on my mind. Music has always been a keystone in my life. I appreciate how music provides a level of emotional articulation, as I fall into a rhythm, get inspired by lyrics, or dial into a mood –uplifted, energized, relaxed, sad, mellow, content, loving, free. Through music, I can tap into the past and feel into the present moment. Like constellations in the sky, music connects the dots to colorful memories in my life.

During my youth, I remember hunkering down in my bedroom to play records on my Fisher Price Turntable, dancing around the living room to Grease songs on my parents’ 8-Track stereo, and family road-trips listening to K.T. Oslin, Billy Joel, and the Big Chill soundtrack. I used to tape record myself, singing songs like, “Heartache Tonight” by the Eagles. I thought I was a 4 year old star, and I won’t lie, I wanted to be on Star Search.

In 4th grade, I purchased my very first cassette tape with my own money -  Starship’s Knee Deep in the Hoopla. Seriously, just look at the album cover – who wouldn’t want to embody the fun of this album and belt out “We built this city on Rock and Roll!”?  I also recall the horror and sadness when my hoopla excitement came to a swirling end as the stereo tangled up the tape reel. A raw lesson in materialistic loss for a 10 year old.

Click the pic for a music flashback! You’re Welcome!

Click the pic for a music flashback!
You’re Welcome!

Through junior high and high school, my favorite tv stations were VH-1 and MTV (yes, they used to only play music videos). My friends and I would look forward to the new video releases from our favorite bands, like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Indigo Girls. During my teen years, I also fell in love with Van Morrison, Simon and Garfunkel,  James Taylor, and Cat Stevens. I was a Teenage Mixed Tape Maestro and procrastinated homework like a champ so I could put great care into the art of mixed tapes – from setting a theme, selecting just the right songs, blending the mood from one song to the next, and making sure the timing was just right from Side A to Side B - no way would a song be cut-off, perfect song timing was a mathematical craft.
No coincidence that sequencing a yoga class is my jam.

My twenties and thirties were filled with the delight of live concerts, expanding my eclectic musical taste, and relating to lyrics like they answered the questions of my soul.

Nowadays – I get silly with my family in the kitchen, dancing to music from The Greatest Showman, Meghan Trainor, or even Phish. I break into song whenever I feel like it, and I appreciate that my growing daughters still ask me to sing at bedtime – anything from Norah Jones to classic lullabies.

I hold on to memories of the heart where music offered the only answer – like when my mom, aunt, and I sang song after song to my Nana during her last day on Earth. Together we soothed each other in the hospice room, and lifted the vibration to the universal comforting connection of love – a gift music offers to all.

AimHappy shares this about the power of music:

“Music can be a form of therapy, a spiritual release, and a way to connect when other methods fail. Sometimes music speaks so clearly without whispering a word, and other times music brings new life to an otherwise meaningless phrase. Music is a language everyone speaks.”

Indeed,  music has the power to bring us closer to a sense of aliveness and a quality of unity. To heed the words of Michael Franti, “Everyone deserves music.” So, THANK YOU, Dido, Led Zeppelin, Alanis Morrisette, and Natalie Merchant… Thank you to all the talented, kind and generous artists that fill the world with the universal beauty of song.

Sorry, not sorry, for all those puns. Hit me with good music!

Muse with me!

In what ways does MUSIC feed your soul?
Do you play or have you ever played an instrument?
Are you  a Diva in the shower or an American Idol in the car?  
When was the last time you did Karaoke? Danced or wept to a favorite song? Discovered the meaning of your life through rhythm and lyrics?
Have I inspired you to turn on some music?
Share with me in the comments!

Enjoy a little Spearhead - Click the PIc!

Enjoy a little Spearhead - Click the PIc!

Keep reading below for more musings on Yoga and Essential Oils, as well as my Upcoming Events!

May we never stop believing in our journey to discover more ways to come together like a concert crowd – lighters held high, smiling with each other, and uniting in the harmony of JOY and BLISS.

Keep on Rocking and Moonbow blessings,



The element of joy and appreciation through music relates to Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti is loving devotion and surrendering to whatever awakens the heart to the flow of inspiration, beauty, and universal love.  Many consider Bhakti Yoga as the easiest path to harmonize mind, body, and spirit in a state of loving-kindness and compassion.

Bhakti yoga classes  beautifully combine live music, the power of mantra, and yoga postures. One of my favorite Bhakti Musicians is Luna Ray, a yoga teacher and recording artist from Asheville, NC. Her enchanting music and delightful voice are a welcome invitation for awakening Bliss in every moment of one’s life. Click on the picture to listen to the music of Luna Ray!

Luna Ray sharing her gift of love & music

Luna Ray sharing her gift of love & music


Just like turning up the volume on your favorite song, Peppermint essential oil offers the strength to uplift and ignite positivity. Considered the “workhorse” oil for its ability to serve you in many ways from upset tummy and muscle tension to focus and concentration, peppermint assures you, “don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

In Daniel Macdonald’s book, Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, Peppermint is considered the “Oil of a Buoyant Heart”. Check out what Macdonald shares about this amazing oil:

“Peppermint brings joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul. It invigorates body, mind and spirit and reminds individuals that life can be happy and there is nothing to fear. It lifts an individual out of their emotional trials for a short reprieve. When an individual uses Peppermint, they feel as though they’re gliding through life.”

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Perhaps I need to change the lyrics in Corrine Bailey Rae’s song: “Girl, put your peppermint on, tell me your favorite song, you go ahead let your hair down!”

Visit U2’s homeland and Join me in Ireland next year! We will find what we are looking for as we explore Western Ireland together!

Visit U2’s homeland and Join me in Ireland next year! We will find what we are looking for as we explore Western Ireland together!


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